Simright Release 2017.6.26

This is the first public version of which launches on June 26th, 2017.
Four public cloud products and a model library have been put online.

Simright Converter

Converter is used to convert CAE models between different formats.

  1. Formats supported :
    Abaqus(.inp), Ansys(.cdb), Nastran(.bdf), Optistruct(.fem)
  2. Element and section supported :
    Solid, rod, beam (different section forms like I, T, C, etc.), spring (axial and general spring), shell (normal shell)
  3. Material supported :
    Isotropic elastic, orthotropic elastic, anisotropic elastic, isotropic elastoplastic
  4. Loads supported :
    Concentrated force, distributed load (limited form)
  5. BCs supported :

Simright Simulator

Simulator is an online CAE simulation tool, users can begin from their CAD models and finish their FEA easily step by step.

  1. CAD model fomats supported :
    STEP ( .step, .stp), IGES (.iges, .igs)
  2. Mesh technology supported :
    Auto-mesh, tetrahedral element
  3. Element supported :
  4. Load supported :
    Concentrated force on point, distributed load on surface
  5. Boundary condition supported :
    Fixed constraint (zero displacement) on point, surface and part.
  6. Result provided :
    Displacement and von Mises stress contour plot on deformed or undeformed shape.

Simright Viewer

Viewer is a tool for exhibiting CAD/CAE in browsers and it’s also a tool for communication between engineers.

  1. Formats supported :
    CAE models: Abaqus(.inp), Ansys(.cdb), Nastran(.bdf), Optistruct(.fem)
    CAD models: STEP (.step, .stp), IGES (.iges, .igs)
  2. Functions :
    Snapshot, users can share the view of a model in form of un url. The share can reserve much information like viewport and zoom scale.

Simright Toptimizer

Toptimizer is an online topological optimization tool, providing designers an easy way to optimize their product. The pre-processer of toptimizer is just the same as simulator.

  1. Formats supported :
    CAD models: STEP (.step, .stp), IGES (.iges, .igs)
  2. Optimization pattern :
    Maximum stiffness, users can assign a percentage of material.

Model library

The model library provides a way of communication for engineers. Users can upload and download CAE/CAD models. They can share, comment and rate models. This will be a resource of technologies and ideas.