Welcome to Simright.com

Anytime, anywhere, whether it's a cell phone, tablet, or PC, just open the browser and upload the model, simulate it, and share your model or results with your work partner. Free from time constraints, not subject to location restrictions, and no need to consider the configuration of hardware and software, no matter where are the designers, they can communicate with each other without any difficulty and improve their design continuously and rapidly. This work pattern seems more likely to appear in the future, but now, because of cloud CAE technology, it has become possible.

Founded in September 2016, the core development team members of which have more than 10 years of CAE software development experience, Simright is committed to providing customers with SaaS mode cloud CAE solutions, and to providing customized services according to the needs of customers.

The products of Simright use advanced development technology and the world's top network service providers, and strive to bring customers the most perfect experience. We have a powerful Web rendering engine and support a variety of mainstream CAD / CAE file formats. The mesh engine and the structure optimization engine are developed by robust and efficient algorithms, with world-class quality. In addition, the "adaptive intelligence algorithm based on big data" can ‘train’ the program to find the optimal parameters and algorithms as user data continues to accumulate, which makes the performance of the product better and better. These core technologies give us the ability to provide customers with efficient and easy-to-use CAE tools.

At present, Simright provides a series of products which include preprocessor - Webmesher, CAE simulation tool - Simulator, topological optimization tool - Toptimizer, CAE model conversion tool - Converter, CAD / CAE model exhibiting tool - Viewer, and a model library. These products can give product designers all-around assistance to help designers concentrate on designing and improving their products.

So, welcome to Simright.com and Simright will always be your first choice to make product design easier.