Sometimes you need to use different kinds of CAE software in an engineering project. When doing simulation work, preprocessing especially meshing takes most of the time. It's repetitive work to mesh the same model in different software. To save such efforts, Simright Converter supports conversion of nodes, elements, materials, constraints, loads, and section properties etc between a few popular CAE formats. Although the converter is not perfect yet, it gets improved rapidly and continuously. It has converted thousands of models for global users, and become one of the best tools in converting CAE models.


  • Support most popular CAE formats
  • Super easy to use
  • High quality in conversion
  • Upgraded continuously and rapidly
Supported conversions:
From To Abaqus Nastran Ansys OptiStruct LS-DYNA Code Aster STL OBJ OFF PLY
Abaqus -
Nastran -
Ansys -
OptiStruct -

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        Simright CAE Converter Changelogs
      • 2018-03-16
          Improvement:Fix error that missing mesh file type in code_aster file. (Converting other model into Code_Aster format).
          Fix:Fix error of wrong definition of Code_Aster’s element type.
          改进:优化CAE Converter 转出Code_Aster格式的结果。
      • 2018-02-23
          Improvement: Support converting Ansys file including *SET keyword.
          Improvement: Improve the performence when converting Abaqus model.
          Fixed: Converting big model will cause insufficient memory error.
          Fixed: Fail to read nastran file when lines begin with commas
          Fixed: Abaqus file including ELSET keyword will cause converting error.
          Fixed: Ansys file including Table keyword which defined by *DIM will cause converting error
          改进: 支持Ansys中*SET语句。
          改进: 改进Abaqus模型转换速度。
          修复: 解决转换大模型内存不足的问题。
      • 2018-02-03
          Fix:For inp file, convert failed if keyword SURF include SPOS,SNEG
          Fix:Timeout while convert large model
      • 2018-01-26
          New:Support converting Code-aster file
      • 2018-01-12
          Fixed: An error occurred while converting the model containing the Chinese name