Simright is much more secure than most traditional file-based CAE installations.

Traditional CAE software requires installation on local computers, which creates vulnerabilities of PCs via network attacks, viruses and unsecured user behavior. When software crash or hardware failure happens, it might cause unrecoverable loss of user data. And the collaboration with traditional CAE software requires sharing model and data with your partners, in case if the partner didn't protect the data carefully or forgot to remove data after the collaboration, it might cause undesirable leakage of data.

Simright's cloud-based CAE solutuon has none of those fundamental security problems!

We provide the most reliable and robust cloud infrastructures by working with TOP suppliers like AWS and Aliyun. At the meanwhile, we have a professional team with cloud and security experts who work nonstop on securing our system and data. With all these efforts, we do our best to grantee that the users' data in the cloud will not be lost or leaked.

Simright's cloud-based CAE products will be upgraded continously. This means whenever the users open our program by their web browsers, they are always using the latest version (with all the improvements and fixes). And the collaboration via the cloud-based environment doesn't require the sharing of raw data. The partner may be able to view and manipulate a shared model, but not necessarily be able to access and download the original raw data. This is a new way of collaboration enabled by the cloud-based environment, which greatly reduces the risk of leaking data.

No computer system is totally secure or insecure. You have to decide what the best option is for you. For most CAE users, Simright is a secure and reliable choice.

Security of payment and private information

Simright chooses TOP platforms like Paypal and Alipay to provide the payment service. Your personal information including the credit card data will be encrypted and sent to the 3rd-party platforms directly, and Simright will not store any of your private information.

Security of data transferring

Simright requires HTTPS secure protocol for all data transferring. And we choose the GlobalSign SSL certificate, which is of the highest level of trust, and chosen by many companies with greatest concern in data security such as: Google, Microsoft, Intel, HSBC, Baidu, JD, Taobao etc. We regularly audit the details of our implementation: the certificates we serve, the certificate authorities we use, and the ciphers we support. We use automated tools to test our live servers for susceptibility to new and existing SSL/TLS vulnerabilities.

Security of data storage

All Simright data are saved on encrypted storage with AES-256, which avoids serious consequence caused by data leakage. And the cloud-based solution implements reliable data storage and recovery mechanism, which ensures your data in the cloud will never be lost.

Security of password

Simright never stores customer passwords in the clear. We use strong, one-way, cryptographic hash functions so that even if our internal password storage is compromised, the original passwords cannot be recovered.