Simright Simulator can import a CAD model, setup and execute the structural analysis in web browser. It is designed to be very easy to use. Even you have no experience about CAE analysis, you can complete a simulation quickly. Simright Simulator can help you solve complex structural problem in many different industries online. The CAE technology can greatly reduce costs of physical experiments and help you to make wiser decisions.


  • Friendly to CAD engineers
  • For structural analysis problem
  • Powerful automatic meshing
Analysis Linear static
Elements Tetra4
Materials Linear elastic
Loads Force, Pressure, Moment,Gravity
Constraints Displacement
Contacts Bonded contact, Surface-to-surface contact
Supported formats:
STEP (.step, .stp) (推荐)
STEP (.step, .stp) (recommended)
IGES (.iges, .igs)
ACIS (.sat)
Parasolid (.x_t, .x_b)
SolidWorks (.SLDPRT)
CATIA (.catpart)
JT (.jt)
Rhino (.3dm)


  1. Rotate: Drag left button.
  2. Pan: middle button drag
  3. Zoom in/out:mouse wheel backward/forward
  4. Single-select: left click
  5. Multi-select: Ctrl + left click
  6. Context menu: right click

Simulator tutorial video

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        Simright Simulator Changelogs
      • 2018-07-13
          New: Added warning for not supported web browsers.
          Enhancement: Add common engineering materials such as S45C, 65Mn, 40Cr to the material library.
      • 2018-06-29
          New:Material database groups materials by categories (metal, plastics, wood etc).
          Enhancement: Improved color scheme of legend for animation.
      • 2018-06-22
          New:Support display the results of calculations in animation.
          New:Support batch setting contact pairs.

      • 2018-06-15
          New: Material Library Adds ASTM A36 STEEL, Aerospace Aluminum Alloy 7075 and other new materials. (thanks user ccraswat, RGM1's suggestion)
          新增:材料库添加ASTM A36 STEEL,航空铝合金7075等新材料。(感谢用户cplaswat,RGM1提出的建议)
      • 2018-06-08
          Fix the bug that "Fix hole center" occasionally fails
          Improve the fluency when operating multi-part model (part number bigger than 200)