Simright Viewer allows viewing a CAD/CAE model online with web browser - no software installation is needed. Users could also share the 3D view of a model with others via a link, which could be opened by web browser.


  • Support most popular CAD/CAE formats
  • Powerful rendering effect
  • Compatible with desktop or mobile devices
  • Protect your model data when sharing with others
Supported formats:
CAD: STEP (.step, .stp)
IGES (.iges, .igs)
ACIS (.sat)
Parasolid (.x_t, .x_b)
SolidWorks (.SLDPRT)
CATIA (.catpart)
JT (.jt)
Rhino (.3dm)
CAE: Abaqus (.inp)
Ansys (.cdb)
Nastran (.bdf, .nas)
OptiStruct (.fem)
LS-DYNA (.k)
Calculix (.frd)
MESH: STL (.stl)
OBJ (.obj)
OFF (.off)


  1. Rotate: Drag left button.
  2. Pan: middle button drag
  3. Zoom in/out:mouse wheel backward/forward
  4. Single-select: left click
  5. Multi-select: Ctrl + left click
  6. Context menu: right click

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        Simright Viewer Changelogs
      • 2018-03-23
          Improvement:Support reading more units for STEP model.
          Improvement:Display model’s built-in unit after importing model.
          Fix:Zoom in/out will cause error for some specfic models
      • 2018-03-10
          Fix:Unable to generate snapshots for some OptiStruct (.fem) and Nastran (.bdf) models.
      • 2018-03-02
          Improvement: Improve the interface of long-time task.
          改进: 改进了长时任务界面。
      • 2018-02-10
          Fix:For CAE model, viewer can not display its color properly.
      • 2018-01-19
          New: Support displaying the project name in menu bar.
          New: Improve the display effect of part in left model tree.