Supported formats:
CAD: ACIS SAT 3D Model (*.sat)
IGES (*.igs *.iges)
STEP (*.stp, *.step)
CATIA Part (*.catpart)
CREO(Pro-E) Part (*.prt *.prt.*)
Solidworkds Part (*.sldprt)
NX(UG) Part (*.prt)
NX Parasolid (*.x_t *.x_b)
Inventor Part (*.ipt)
JT (*.jt)
Rhino 3D Model (*.3dm)
CAE: ABAQUS Input File (*.inp)
Ansys CDB File (*.cdb)
Code-aster Export File Package (*.export)
CalculiX Input File (*.inp)
LS-Dyna K-file (*.k *.key *.dyn)
Nastran (*.bdf *.dat *.nas)
Optistruct (*.fem)
VPS/Pam-crash (*.pc)
MESH: STL (.stl) (Support Assembly Display) STL (.stl) (Support Assembly Display)
OBJ (.obj)
OFF (.off)


  1. Rotate: Drag left button.
  2. Pan: middle button drag
  3. Zoom in/out:mouse wheel backward/forward
  4. Single-select: left click
  5. Multi-select: Ctrl + left click
  6. Context menu: right click

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        Simright Viewer Changelogs
      • 2020-09-04
          Fix: A snapshot to share
      • 2018-07-06
          Fix: Fixed error in opening commecial CAD formats such as SolidWorks(.SLDPRT)
      • 2018-06-15
          Fix: Fix the bug that Viewer shows IGES model without color
      • 2018-06-08
          Improve the fluency when operating multi-part model (part number bigger than 200).
      • 2018-05-06
          New:Support reading .mlt (material file) of .obj model.