Analysis Linear static
Elements Tetra4
Materials Linear elastic
Loads Force, Pressure, Moment,Gravity
Constraints Displacement
Contacts Bonded contact, Surface-to-surface contact
Connectors Rigid connect, Beam connect
Optimization objective Maximize structural stiffness
Optimization design variables Topology variables
Optimization constraints Volume fraction
Supported formats:
STEP (.step, .stp) (推荐)
STEP (.step, .stp) (recommended)
IGES (.iges, .igs)
ACIS (.sat)
Parasolid (.x_t, .x_b)
SolidWorks (.SLDPRT)
CATIA (.catpart)
JT (.jt)
Rhino (.3dm)


  1. Rotate: Drag left button.
  2. Pan: middle button drag
  3. Zoom in/out:mouse wheel backward/forward
  4. Single-select: left click
  5. Multi-select: Ctrl + left click
  6. Context menu: right click

Toptimizer tutorial

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        Simright Toptimizer Changelogs
      • 2019-01-19
          New:The design area of ​​topology optimization supports hyper-elastic materials.
      • 2019-01-11
          Enhancement:Increase the loading speed of huge models by 5-10 times.
      • 2018-12-21
          New:Support defining mesh sizes by parts.
          Enhancement:Bullet box prompt when the user upload format is not supported.
      • 2018-12-07
          New:Support defining the range of the stress and displacement legend in post processing.
      • 2018-11-19
          New: The status bar shows the number of contact pairs created automatically.