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        Simright CAE Converter Changelogs
      • 2020-02-07
          New: Add support for PAM-crash *. PC files to APP interface
          新增:APP界面上添加支持Pam-crash *.pc文件
      • 2019-04-26
          Fix: Converter Abaqus INP material conversion error
          修复:Converter abaqus inp材料转换错误
      • 2019-02-19
          Fix: Some Abaqus INP models that contain * parameters have failed to install
          修复:某些包含*PARAMETER的Abaqus inp模型装换出错的问题
      • 2019-02-15
          Fix: Some data lines in the ABAQUS INP file cause a conversion error when ending with a comma.
          Fix: The keyword 'OLDSET' in the *NCOPY card in the ABAQUS INP file caused a conversion error.
          Fix: The PARAMETER card conversion error in the ABAQUS INP file.
          修复:ABAQUS INP文件某些数据行以逗号结尾时导致转换错误
          修复:ABAQUS INP文件中*NCOPY卡片中 ’ OLDSET ’导致转换错误。
          修复:ABAQUS INP文件中PARAMETER卡片转换异常。
      • 2019-01-11
          Fix:Failed to convert beam elements from INP to BDF.