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Simright Viewer add support for STL assembly


Simright Viewer, an online viewer developed by Simright Information Technology Co., Ltd.(hereafter referred to as Simright), allows viewing 3D models of various file formats with web browsers, which no longer needs additional client platforms or browser plug-ins. Simright Viewer also provides technical support for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablet, etc, enabling a convenient view at any time regardless of location.

STL format can be widely applied in automotive, healthcare, 3D printing and other industries, but unfortunately fails to meet users’ requirement of naming assemblies, implementing multi-layer management and display of complex models with a tree structure. To eliminate this inconvenience, Simright Viewer makes importing zipped folders available.Specifically, a zipped folder may contain several folders which involve quite a few STL files. Each zip file represents an assembly in STL format, and each folder which contains several STL files represents a sub-assembly, meanwhile, each STL file representing a single part which is named as the STL file.


STL Format is widely used


STL Assembly Disabilityplay


STL Assemblies and Parts (in tree structure)

It happens that some STL files could be very huge in size (like a vehicle point cloud file generally occupying dozens of GB), the R & D Team of Simright has developeda unique compression and optimization techniques, resultingin a high file compression rate exceeding 70% for most STL models, thus ensuring a better viewing experience. In this way, Simright Viewer is able to work smoothly with less powerful PCs or mobile devices.


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