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The optimize design of mechanical keyboard

Because it has the features of simple function and can be freely expanded, MIDI keyboard is mainly used for music production. in addition, it can save a lot of money. Compared to many unskilled or under-professional features of the synthesizer, MIDI keyboards are indeed very affordable in terms of expansion, and many MIDI keyboards come with MIDI controllers, such as the Maudio keystation pro88. With it, MIDI control is more powerful than many high-end synthesizers.

When designing a MIDI keyboard, how to determine whether the key shaft can withstand the pressure given by the user’s finger is generally judged by experience and physical experiments.

In order to prevent rework due to design flaws, a MIDI keyboard manufacturer perfectly simulates this process with the Simualtor products of Simright.

This manufacturer’s MIDI keyboard uses the axis of a mechanical keyboard as a switch. For example, the keycap seems to have a thickness of 4mm when viewed obliquely from above; However, turning it over, it was not solid, but it used a thin wall less than 1 mm. The side wall sheet acts as a rib for the top sheet. The trigger pressure of the black shaft of the mechanical keyboard is 80Pa. Assuming the pressure of 160Pa is applied to the edge of the keycap, how much distortion will result? Will the structure be damaged?

3分钟用仿真为机械键盘降低成本 无需安装软件!

Through the Simulator analysis, the results show that the stress is greatest at the ribs on both sides and is far from the yield strength, so there is no risk of structural damage. Its deformation during stress is also tolerable.

3分钟用仿真为机械键盘降低成本 无需安装软件!

3分钟用仿真为机械键盘降低成本 无需安装软件!