Free CAE Tool for Topology Optimizations and Structural Simulations

Simulator offers free finite element analysis on the cloud. (Image courtesy of Simright.) Traditional simulation is expensive—no doubt about it. To this day, many small businesses and startups are priced out of the opportunity to test their products in a digital space. Even those on a more affordable pay-as-you-go computer-aided engineering (CAE) platform lose the […]


The world’s first online CAE pre-processor arrives!

WebMesher is an online finite element pre-processor. It supports importing various formats of CAD models, interactive meshing, definition of loads and materials, and exporting into mainstream CAE formats. It is worth mentioning that WebMesher is probably the first finite element pre-processor in the world that runs in web browser. Try it out: https://www.simright.com/apps/simright-webmesher